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The Cubs started in Oakley but ended in India....

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Tonight the Cubs strolled from Oakley Scout hut to our own hut. Following the train tack there were keen shouts of "train" and pointed fingers at every opportunity just to make sure no one missed these loud metal boxes rumbling past. Thankfully the going was good and the rain tracked to the south so we stayed dry. We made good time and had enough time left to play some games at the hut.

The gym mats were laid down and some rounds of Sumo ensued which was a lot of fun. Winner stays on was the format! Next was a new game that went towards the world badge of Indian leg wrestling. A tricky game to master it seems and even harder to describe! Unfortunately my phone died so I got no pictures of it, but it's essentially like arm wrestling with legs instead! Again great fun was had.

Thanks to the leaders for organising. Here are some pictures from the evening.

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