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Youshape is shaped like a Cub. 

Tonight started off with a rowdy game consisting of four packs, four squares, four coloured frisbees and a whistle where a point was awarded on the whistle if a certain coloured frisbee was is your square. The idea was to get the frisbees out of your square and score the least points. For some reason Cubs were holding on to the frisbees because they thought the most points won! When they were reminded that keeping them was a bad idea, all craziness ensued! It was a very fun game which the blue six won extra points for their victory.

After that it was time to begin the Youshape part of the evening. Through answering questions the Cubs decided themselves whether the answer was something that they did at Cubs Rarely, Yearly, Termly or very often and after each question Akela spoke to them about how the cub evenings were run and based on their pack council sessions. A lot of the Cubs didnt realise that every evening ticks off a part of a bage or two. This is a great thing because they are achieving things without even realising, a great feature of the Scout movement. They were all asked to write down some activities which they would like to run themsemselves or in groups over the next few weeks. It's very important that the Cubs take take on their own development and through things like Youshape it gives them a great opportunity to do so.

We look forward to seeing what they want to do when the forms are returned.

Last week they made bird feeders and took those home along with a bird watching sheet to see how many birds they can see in their garden.

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