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Ro-ming Cubs

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Tonight's cub evening was a trip to the Roman Town of Silchester and its Ampitheatre with a personal tour by our resident archaeologist J.

With his knowledge of the area having worked there and his amazing willingness to share this with the Cubs along with the fun sights to explore, the Cubs their siblings and their parents had a blast.

Walking around the site and along the Roman Wall to the Ampitheatre with a rainy sky and fresh air on our faces.

The Cubs learnt about the history of the site. The people that built it and lived there, where the stone came from to build the wall, the local tribes around the are and also what is thought to have been going on in the Ampitheatre!

There was even an awesome 🌈

Big thanks to J for spending his time with the Cubs and Sam and Amber for arranging the trip!

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