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About us

Founded in 1910 Worting is a very active, family friendly Scout group, providing adventurous activities for youngsters from six years and up.

Scouting has always provided opportunities and skills for life and at Worting we have a wide ranging programme that allows young people to get the most out of their Scouting experience.


100 Years of Worting

113 if were being picky

If you are interested in Worting Scout Group and would like to know more then please do spend some time reading through our amazing written history. Crafted over many years it is the work of one of our Scout Leaders David Hopkins AKA "J". It contains excerpts from our Scout newsletter Worting Warblings and much much more!


You can download it by clicking on the button below.

Park Prewett WW1 Hospital

Worting village was the closest village to the WWI hospital at Park Prewett,


The patients came to the White Hart to drink, the hospital treated locals who were ill or in accidents, and one Worting lady married a Canadian medic. Those that died are mainly buried in the Worting Road cemetery. 


As part of our WWI studies the Worting St Thomas Scouts are shining a light into the important role of Worting’s near neighbour the Canadian 4th General Hospital of the Canadian Army Medical Corps


The Worting Team

Get to Know Us

Neil MacIntosh

Group Scout Leader (GSL)

Neil has been our Group Scout Leader for 30 years, overseeing all things Worting.

Both his boys went through the Worting ranks. He is retired and enjoys gardening and watching cricket, when scouting allows!


Gavin Clark

Deputy Group Scout Leader (DGSL)

If you cut Gav in half we’re sure it would read Worting through the middle. He has been an ASL, our GSL. then DGSL for over 40 years and runs loads of activities for the Scout troop.
He holds hillwalking, narrow-boating and canoeing authorisations, is a County Canoeing Assessor and a Duke of Edinburgh Award Assessor.


Chrissie Clark

Mother Hen

Chrissie is married to Gavin and has always masterminded his paperwork whilst he plays Action Man. She valiantly attempts to keep Gavin in check and is the mother hen of the scout troop.


David Hopkins

Scout Leader

AKA 'J'  is our Scout Leader. He’s the figurehead of the Troop and has been with us for 17 years. J is the brainy one amongst us, creator of Worting’s historical masterpiece.

An archaeologist and artist his sketches can be found popping up in many a location!


Juile Jacobs

Assistant Beaver Leader - Ginger Beaver/
Deputy District Commissioner

Julie is our Beaver leader, fondly known as Ginger Beaver. She is also the Deputy District Commissioner for Basingstoke West Scouts District – a very important person.


Ben Mills

Beaver Leader - Green Beaver

Ben was once a young one in Worting Scouts but now heads up the Beaver section.

He’s a man of many talents - and we discover new ones all the time!

His daughter is a member of Worting and his sons will surely follow in their footsteps soon.


Sam Stevens

Cub Leader - Akela

Akela Sam has been an active member of the Group since he joined Beavers as a 6 year old.
He is a wonderful leader who is able to put his hand to many aspects of Scouting and is masterminding our ever-popular Family Camps!


Amber Tavener

Squirrel Scout Leader

Amber is known as Red Squirrel and is in charge of our youngest section at Worting. She joined Worting in 2009 and is our youngest Leader in our team. She once was a Young Leader with Beavers before moving to the Cub Pack and is now settling in our Squirrel Drey.


Tim Clark

Assistant Scout Leader

Tim is the 2nd generation Clark member in the group. He is a very outgoing person who you'll see in the thick of the action whenever possible. If he is not hanging off the side of a climbing wall you'll catch him in the canoes down the river. He is everything that a great Scout Leader needs to be - and it should be noted that he also has scaled Mount Everest too!


Will Scott

Assistant Scout Leader

Will is the quiet but effective one. He brings reliability, patience and well-honed carpentry skills to the Group, as evidenced in many areas of the scout hut. Scouts benefit hugely from both his woodworking sessions and the fact that he has a minibus driving licence!


Suzie Perman

Assistant Scout Leader

Suzie is our Action Lady – a graduate of all things outdoors but with a particular love of canoeing (and Will). As a 10 year old Suzie followed her big brother into the Scout Troop and soon made up for lost time – claiming the title of Worting Sumo Champ until she left for uni. Officially a long-term Beaver Leader, the Scout troop has hijacked her to share and spread girlie happiness.


Harry Hollingshead

Assistant Scout Leader

Harry is the smiley one and another long termer, having joined Worting as a Beaver and been with us ever since. He’s a dab hand at trailer towing. We reckon he smiles a lot because he teamed up with Laura when they were Explorers together and now both help at Cubs.


Rob & Philippa Scott

Assistant Beaver/ Scout Leaders

Rob is an ASL and versatile leader, having run Cub, Scout and Network Units before settling down with the Beaver Group and with Philippa, a nice nurse and also an ASL. As well as keeping them busy their young sons provide plenty of entertainment for Group members.


Stuart MacFarlane

Assistant Scout Leader

Stu brings a wide range of scouting experience to Worting, having led troops in Swansea, Cornwall and the USA. He’s a wizard at creating unique challenges for the troop and can be relied upon to build mega pioneering structures when occasion demands.


Jack Hopkins

Cubs/Scouts - Assistant Leader

Jack is known as Rikki Tikki Tavi to the Cubs but is a Leader with Scouts too.  A veteran of two stints with Camp America he brings all sorts of ideas into action and is our games specialist.

Jack Hopkins.jpg

Greg Catlin

Assistant Scout Leader

Greg is our paramedic. We inherited him as a 10 year old from a troop in Yorkshire and he has talked his way into our hearts ever since. A real character - and if you were to slice him through it would say ‘Scout’ on every slice.

Greg Catlin.jpg
Meet the Team
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