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The Cub pack is run by a youthful bunch of leaders headed up by Akela. The rest of the team are Winnia, Rikki Tikki Tavi, Won Tolla and Hathi. Our Cub pack is led by Sam, an ex Worting Scout.

For Cubs, excitement and adventure are key. Their programme offers a huge variety of activities surrounding areas of fitness, global and beliefs; whilst allowing them to be creative and get involved in their local communities. Cubs are introduced to exciting outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences.

The Cub Pack is the second section of the Scout Group following on from Beavers. Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10 ½.  
There is core flexibility in the age range:  young people can join from age 7½ and can move to Scouts between age 10 and 11.  It may sometimes be appropriate to extend this flexibility for young people with additional needs.

Where do we meet?

We meet  18:30 – 20:00 on each Tuesday during school term. We are based at the scout hut, East View, Worting. During their time in the Pack, Cub Scouts will get a chance to try a wide range of different activities as well as going on trips, days out, and on camps. Participation and personal development, rather than meeting set standards, is the key approach, and there are a range of badges and challenge awards that Cub Scouts can gain to recognise their achievements.

What do we wear?

Cubs wear a dark green sweatshirt, navy combat trousers (or dark grey trousers), Worting Scarf, the scarf is supplied by the group. The sixes are in colours red, blue, yellow or green. The rest is purchased from the scout shop.  We also have a group t-shirt, which can be brought from the group, which we tend to wear in the summer months.


There is a range of badges and awards available to young people in the Cub Scout Section.

Activity badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Cub Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.

Challenge awards

Gaining a challenge badge involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within the Pack or community. There are several challenge badges across a number of themes, from the physical and outdoorsy to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.

Core badges

In addition, there are a number of special badges, obtained upon joining or moving on from the Pack, or for time spent in the Scouting movement.

Further information about badges and awards for the Cub section can be found here.

Family Involvement

We require that you come into the hall when dropping off and picking up, then we get to know you and it is then easier to deliver messages if needs be. When a cub goes to family camp at least one member of the family has to attend to ensure they are supervised at all times but we do encourage the whole family to come along then it makes the transition into cubs and scouts easier because you get to know everyone in the team at Worting. Organisational we may ask for help on an evening basis when we know that one of the leadership will be away or we have a busy event to cover.

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