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Scouts Brownsea island trip.

Updated: May 16, 2019

12th-13th May 2019

We hope that bath and bed have worked wonders and that you can now begin to collate and relate the tales of our good times on Brownsea. 

It was a most enjoyable weekend with plenty of variety but perhaps a sadness in that only a few saw red squirrels (probably related to the uncontrollable decibel rating of the 'masse').

Apologies to parents who may well have had to provide a yard brush for both toenails and clothing but one of the best bits was indeed on the beach at low tide in morning sunshine.  We have an unnamed grey hoodie for a 12-13 year old that has seen life on the beach! - please let us know if it is yours. 

Mums and Dads, in case you hear tales of eating weird stuff - we did provide asparagus and portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese, peppers and onions but devouring was optional - test-tasting and passing to Reece or one of the leaders appeared to be the way to go!  Just in case anyone relates that they only had two mini potatoes, be assured that there was plenty of potato in the veg soup (zizzed to oblivion) - and there were a few scallop potato slices and sweet potato 'chips' as well as the minis ones with the main course.  When we say that Scouting is all about making the most of the opportunities and taking on little challenges - that includes food trials.  We don't think anybody went hungry but if parents discover differently do let us know. 

Congratulations to Harrison, Reece and Oliver on winning the orienteering competition and to everyone for doing their bit for island conservation (none of the leaders want to pull up rogue bracken for the next year or so, guess the Scouts all feel the same). 

Huge thanks to the leader team who functioned variously and magnificently - covering the activity roles (haring around the frisbee pitch), the catering, the crowd control, the cleansing (sorry, never quite complete), the transport and the organisational liaison.

We have purchased Brownsea Island badges for each participant that can be worn above other badges above the pocket on the left side of their uniform shirt until NEXT MAY.  These will be given out at the next meeting. Well done folks, a weekend full of great Scouting experiences for all.

If you have any more pictures please do email to and they will be uploaded to this blog.

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