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Canoeing Worting Scouts Style

With Summer camp fast approaching, and the need to set aside next Thursday for kit prep at the hut, today we finished out the year in style with a canoeing evening.

It was the first time in months that we were able to get everyone together in one group due to Covid and it felt brilliant to all be back together as one unit again.

It was a busy night which started off with 6 new additions being invested. Followed by a plethora of awards to leaders for all their hard work and dedication to Scouting.

After that that Scouts (and a few extra younger brothers) were arranged in to two groups. The first group set off in the Canadians and Kayaks with the 2nd group walking along the tow path in readiness to swap at the half way point.

It was a lovely evening and the weather was fantastic so once everyone had arrived back at the start there were offerings of drinks and sausages before the inevitable carnage that ensues with everyone cooling off in the canal. Entry by whatever means felt right at the time of launch!

Safe to say from the evidence below, and all the smiles, it was another Worting epic.

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