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Young Worting Scouts came second in the District Orienteering competition!

Well done to all the District teams that entered this years Orienteering competition at Alice Holt Forest. On a lovely clear spring day the weather was perfect for a spot of compass work and map reading.

This year Worting were represented by a team of 3 young Scouts. It was their first time together and after a tricky start where they returned to the beginning to seek assistance, with a little guidance form J and Andy they grew in confidence and found their way around the forest, picking up valuable markers along the way.

A tricky decision had to be made. Risk being late and dropping points but getting more markers, or stick to a route with less markers on offer but get back on time.

They decided to go for plan B, which paid off as they were back in time and as a consequence had no dropped points! Thus achieving second place overall! A great result from a young inexperienced team. Well done!

Our chairman and his family also entered a team, complete with their dog and small son on a bike! They enjoyed themselves immensely and it was great to have their family involvement.

Here are some snaps from their adventure!

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