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Zippy Bears!

Hi all,

We were so glad everybody got through lock down 1.0 and we were back outside and in the hut doing Beavery, Cubby and Scouty things! The the bad news followed rather more quickly then we had hoped with lock down 2.0 now in full flow. It's not quite the same as the first but please all stay safe and be sensible. We just wanted you all to know that the entire leader team at Worting misses you all and the fun things we do on troop nights. We look forward to seeing you all again on zoom calls until we can get together outside and at the hut.

Here is a video that was produced by Gavin and Chrissie, with guest apperances from our very own GSL and J, to keep themselves occupied through lock down 1.0! Enjoy it, it's quite a watch!

There is the need for the fence at the hut to be creosoted, so please let the leader team know if you would like to chip in with hut maintenance and do that for the bears! They would be rather happy! Please email if you have some spare time to do it, or part of it so we can arrange it properly.

Many thanks

The Leader Team.

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