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What is yellow and a £1.....a Worting Duck!

Please can I ask everyone to sell sell sell and then return return return!

We we don’t have long until the big day and it is time to start sorting out the ducks and getting them ready for race day! We need to have all duck tickets back before the 8th May. If you have got them at home just lying on the table get your little people to ask the neighbours, family and friends and get them sold!

We do really appreciate all the effort that goes in to selling them, so far we have 398 sold and want to try and beat last years prerace day sales of 1200 so we need to push hard!

Please bring them back to cubs and scouts over the next week, Beavers if you still have them and need to return them don’t worry just email me on and I can arrange to collect them :)

Thanks a million for all your support!

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