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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Dig holes, dig holes, we're off to dig some holes!

The sun is shining and a crisp cold early meet happened in Kempshott for today's activity

Holly, Lilly and her dad Andy, Rory, Tom and his mum Laurie, Oliver S, Ethan and J are currently blogging live from a field somewhere in Hampshire!

They are helping Liss Archaeology to uncover finds on the site of a Roman villa. So far they've found some pieces of Roman pottery, brick and roof tiles ageing from 80-200 AD!

Everything is washed, logged and sent off to be photographed by the members of the Liss Archaeology society.

We are currently having lunch and a catch up and are refuelling for this afternoons activities.


The afternoon consisted of more digging, cleaning up finds and some metal detecting where we found a very old Roman nail in the trench we were working in. A great end to the day.

Big thanks to Liss Archealogical Society for their hospitality and kindness through the day. A friendly bunch who were really good at sharing their knowledge and time with us, and to J for his enthusiastic approach to teaching the Scouts about the site, how to dig a trench correctly and for giving his time to do so.


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