Canoedeling down the canal......

Because we have a love for canoeing here at Worting, the penultimate Scout evening was a trip to the lovely basingstoke canal for spot of kayaking and canoeing. Led by Gavin, Stuart and the Scouts paddled down the canal for roughly 30 minutes. With a quick 180 and a few scouts offloading in and out to give everyone a fair share they headed back for sausages and burgers cooked for by our lovely parents.

Then it was a free for all to see if we could beat the record of Scouts in one canadian before it sank which was a success with 10, 3 higher than last years effort! Maybe some of the younger Scouts had a higher level of bravery this year! They also jumped in off the bank and using a canadian as a slide. Too much fun as usual!

Thanks to Les O'Gorman for taking a few snaps of the evening.

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