1 Duck, 2 Duck........ 2200 Duck!

For over 15 years we have used the same ducks for the duck race and like any professional athlete our little ducks need to go in to retirement, this means we need new ducks!

We would like to welcome to the Worting family, our new flock of 2200 ducks for the 2019 Worting Duck Race!

After over 9 hours and a lot of counting the brand new ducks are all numbers ready for the Great Worting Duck Race 2019! Thanks so much to Natalie, Tiger, Rob and Heather for helping number this huge flock of yellow guys!

We also have got another 450 ducks from the Bath Store basingstoke which have kindly offered to sponser us this year and you would have all received one to be creative with to enter in to the design a duck competition.

We we hope you are looking forward to the Duck Race, we will be posting some more updates to the website in the coming week with information about the event as well as some inside gossip from the newly formed Duck Sub Commitee! Watch this space!!!

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